‘Not to see disconnects us from things. Not to hear disconnects us from people.’

– Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)

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Audiogram in Brier Creek

We offer an environment that is attuned to your Audiogram service needs than the traditional medical setting in Brier Creek. Now Hear This® Audiology & Hearing Solutions prides itself on offering an excellent, well organized facility and an extremely detailed staff with great follow up attention as well. 

Now Hear This® Audiology & Hearing Solutions helps to ensure that clients considering Audiogram care in Brier Creek make safe, informed decisions about a wide range of procedures and treatments available by providing you honest and direct answers regarding your needs. Most importantly, our professionals are extensively trained in diverse set of Audiogram procedures. At Now Hear This® Audiology & Hearing Solutions, we understand that making these important medical choices can be stressful, but our expert staff offers our patients one of the most efficient facilities in Brier Creek to improve their well-being.

We understand that looking for the proper care in Brier Creek can be difficult and time consuming, but at Now Hear This® Audiology & Hearing Solutions, we pride ourselves at combining technical know-how, and an extensive background to deliver the quality Audiogram services you need.The expert team at Now Hear This® Audiology & Hearing Solutions provides reliable and experienced care in Brier Creek. Within the current dynamic medical landscape, advances in the field are making wonderful things possible, we forge our Audiogram services on being able to bring happiness to our clients. 

Over our Many years history, Now Hear This® Audiology & Hearing Solutions has developed the expertise to handle the special needs of different ethnicities. Our Audiogram procedures can address any type of body or hair for the benefit of the client. Throughout the process, Now Hear This® Audiology & Hearing Solutions will take the time to minimize the pain and discomfort our Brier Creek patients feel. We understand the effects of different Audiogram procedures and can prescribe drugs and treatments to help reduce these complications. To schedule a free consultation, contact Now Hear This® Audiology & Hearing Solutions with the below information:

Now Hear This® Audiology & Hearing Solutions  

4701 Creedmoor Road

Raleigh, NC 27612

(919) 948-3076

Patient Stories

  • Brent C. Read More
    "When it was time for another hearing aid, I was mainly driven by cost. I could not afford to get another one from the same manufacturer." - Brent C.
  • Frank T. Read More
    "They were talking about the technology that they had that was the only practice in the country using it." - Frank T.
  • Millie Read More
    "The first time I wore my new Phonak behind the ear hearing aids to church, I was wondering whose magnificent voice that was." - Millie
  • Allison K. Read More
    "I no longer have to worry about being in a noisy restaurant or missing whispers. It is that discreet, that comfortable, that much a part of me." - Allison K.
  • Carolyn G. Read More
    "With my mother living alone, I thought it was extremely important for her to hear sounds in the house." - Carolyn G.

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