‘Not to see disconnects us from things. Not to hear disconnects us from people.’

– Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)

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Hearing Screening in RTP

With our team of RTP professionals, you will discover a knowledgeable and friendly atmosphere that understands and applies the most up-to-date methods in Hearing Screening services. Now Hear This® Audiology & Hearing Solutions makes a conscientious effort to identify and put forth the best solution for your needs.

We begin with a personal Hearing Screening consultation to determine the specific circumstances from which your situation stems. Our RTP office understands it is key to identify sources and factors in your lifestyle and wellness that can be important elements later on. Once we determine how our array of both traditional and cutting-edge techniques can effectively alleviate your issues, we swiftly begin your Hearing Screening care. Furthermore, based on these assessments, our practiced staff of RTP health professionals will tailor a Hearing Screening plan to fit your needs. At Now Hear This® Audiology & Hearing Solutions, we want to help with your short and long-term goals to better your Hearing Screening care, including the knowledge and tools to prevent conditions like this from a rising again.

Every staff member at Now Hear This® Audiology & Hearing Solutions works hard to bring joy and happiness to the lives of our clients through superior, safe and affordable Hearing Screening services. Now Hear This® Audiology & Hearing Solutions is dedicated to serving the RTP area and we are honored to help so many in our community achieve their medical relief and goals. 

Over our Many years history, Now Hear This® Audiology & Hearing Solutions has developed the expertise to handle the special needs of different ethnicities. Our Hearing Screening procedures can address any type of body or hair for the benefit of the client. Throughout the process, Now Hear This® Audiology & Hearing Solutions will take the time to minimize the pain and discomfort our RTP patients feel. We understand the effects of different Hearing Screening procedures and can prescribe drugs and treatments to help reduce these complications. To schedule a free consultation, contact Now Hear This® Audiology & Hearing Solutions with the below information:

Now Hear This® Audiology & Hearing Solutions  

4701 Creedmoor Road

Raleigh, NC 27612

(919) 948-3076

Patient Stories

  • Brent C. Read More
    "When it was time for another hearing aid, I was mainly driven by cost. I could not afford to get another one from the same manufacturer." - Brent C.
  • Frank T. Read More
    "They were talking about the technology that they had that was the only practice in the country using it." - Frank T.
  • Millie Read More
    "The first time I wore my new Phonak behind the ear hearing aids to church, I was wondering whose magnificent voice that was." - Millie
  • Allison K. Read More
    "I no longer have to worry about being in a noisy restaurant or missing whispers. It is that discreet, that comfortable, that much a part of me." - Allison K.
  • Carolyn G. Read More
    "With my mother living alone, I thought it was extremely important for her to hear sounds in the house." - Carolyn G.

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