A Letter to Evolution Hearing Patients

To whom it may concern,

Our clinic has seen several patients in the last few weeks who reported Evolution Hearing’s Raleigh location is closing this September and who are concerned about the servicing of their existing hearing aids.

We have tried multiple times to get in touch with Evolution Hearing, both at their Raleigh location and others, with no success. This concerns us even more as we want all people with hearing loss to have easy access to their hearing healthcare provider.

We want to help! If you have hearing aids from Evolution Hearing, we are happy to serve you. As the premier audiology and hearing aid clinic in the triangle, we are well versed in all seven hearing aid manufacturers and hearing aid programming.

Please give us a call if Evolution Hearing is no longer able to service your aids, or if you are unable to drive to one of their other locations.

Yours in Better Hearing,

August 25, 2022 Uncategorized

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