Beltone Hearing Aids: The Pros & Cons

Wondering if a Beltone hearing aid is right for you? You’re in good company. At Now Hear This®, patients call us to ask about Beltone devices and how to decide when so many hearing aid dealers “look the same”.

Beltone Hearing Aids for Raleigh, NC Patients

With over 80 hearing aid styles, including invisible in-the-canal (IIC), behind-the-ear (BTE) and completely-in-canal (CIC), Beltone offers something for virtually everyone, including many locations.  This can make it easy to find a Beltone service center.

However, the most important thing to remember is that the key to better hearing is not the hearing aids themselves.  Far more important to your satisfaction is the quality of care and how the aids are personalized to your particular needs. Just like everyone needs an eye specialist to give them specially prepared prescriptions for their eyes, the same is true of hearing devices.

Beltone hearing aids may be good quality, but here are five questions to ask when deciding if a Beltone store will give you the quality care that will make the difference in whether you are satisfied or not.

  • Hearing aid dealer or licensed audiologist? Customers of Belton offices are nearly always served by hearing aid dealers, not licensed audiologists. Hearing aid dealers (or hearing aid specialists) typically need only a high school education and a state license. On the other hand, audiologists have at least eight years of university training, and have deep knowledge in all aspects of hearing and brain health. Audiologists are licensed to diagnose the type and extent of hearing loss and properly identify hearing issues that need attention. Hearing aid dealers are not licensed to perform diagnostic audiological testing, and do not have the knowledge, skill, or training to do so. 
  • Real Ear Measurement? Beltone offices usually don’t have the training or equipment necessary to perform Real Ear Measurements. This computer-aided procedure employs a specialized microphone that allows the audiologist to know exactly how the aids are working in your ears without asking “how does that sound?” That eliminates guess-work while serving you and makes a world of difference in the performance of hearing aids. 
  • Hearing Evaluations or Hearing Tests? Beltone hearing tests are typically performed by dealers and not audiologists. Therefore, by law they can not do the kind of specialized medically-proficient testing needed to differentiate hearing loss treatable with hearing aids vs more severe medical conditions which need referral to a physician. “Hearing tests” are also not eligible for insurance reimbursement, whereas insurance does cover hearing evaluations conducted by licensed audiologists. 
  • Locked Hearing Aids? Beltone dealers typically lock their devices so adjustments can only be performed at Beltone locations. A patient who buys their locked aids will have no choice but to go back to a Beltone store even if they are unhappy with the service. 
  • Pricing and Customer Service? National hearing aid chains like Beltone simply can’t provide the personal care and attention that you’ll receive from a professional audiologist. They also frequently advertise pricing based on a discount from “manufacturer’s suggested retail price”, or “looking for 30 patients.” At a private local audiologist, you shouldn’t feel rushed and you will be given fair pricing that is often less than the national chains. You shouldn’t have to go back again and again for your aids to work their best. 

Find the Right Hearing Aid — with Help from Now Hear This®!

Unsure whether Beltone hearing aids are the right solution for you? At Now Hear This®, our Raleigh, NC staff is here to help. We offer honest advice, comprehensive hearing evaluations that include medical diagnostics and custom hearing aid fittings, as well as a full range of hearing aid brands and styles.  We have the perfect solution to meet your needs. Schedule your appointment today — we look forward to helping you make an informed decision regarding your hearing and hearing aids!

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