Hearing Aid Loaner Program

Hi, I’m Dr. Egan from Now Hear This and today I want to talk to you about something that not all of our patients know about and that is that we have a hearing aid loaner program. Basically, if you’re one of our established patients and you lose your hearing aids, or they need to go out for repair, or anything like that, we offer a loaner program where we program hearing aids for your hearing loss and let you use those until your hearing aid comes back, or a new solution is reached.

I’m back here in our lab today and to give you a visual, this row of hearing aids charging are just some preset loaner hearing aids. We always have them charging on hand in case someone calls: “I have a business meeting,” “I have a wedding this weekend.” We want to have something available that we can immediately program. We do have even more loaner hearing aids, like some of the more unusual styles and models that are less popular that we can also program as loaners, as long as we have enough heads up.

The reason we do this is we want to make hearing more accessible. What good is a hearing aid if it’s out for repair? That’s why we have that program available to you. If you need a loaner hearing aid, just give us a call. If it is a more unusual type or model, we might need a little time to get is set up, but typically we can have them ready for you within the next day. This was our little field trip to our lab. If you have any questions, just call our clinic and we’re happy to help give you more information.

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