Looking Back: Now Hear This® Featured In News & Observer for Finely Tuned Hearing Aids

For most of us, there are precious few times when someone will tell you how you improved their life and will tell you exactly how.  If it happens, you will always remember the moment.   It may be even rarer in business, but I am glad to say that it happened to me and our team at Now Hear This®.   We still remember it even though it happened all those years ago. 

It all started on Memorial Day weekend of 2012 with our local paper, the News & Observer (N&O). 

A N&O writer/business editor had earned that Now Hear This® invested in and brought to the states a German device that could let our audiologist program hearing aids more accurately than any other device on the market. At that time, we had already obtained FDA approval. The writer wrote and published an article on Page 1 of the business section of the N&O with a very large headline entitled: “Finely Tuned Hearing Aids”.  

Our phones rang off the hook from that day and throughout the rest of 2012. There were so many people in need of accurate hearing aid programming. We were able to serve and improve the hearing of hundreds of patients from all over the US using their existing aids!

We are extremely grateful to the N&O for writing and publishing the article as they, along with our team, contributed to improving the everyday quality-of-life of many people for a long time to come.

The most gratifying and memorable thing at that time was that many patients reached out to share their stories about the changes in their or their loved ones’ lives since coming to our clinic because of that article. We heard statements like, “Thank you for giving me my mother back. Before I brought her to you, she could not communicate with me or her grandchildren.  Her old hearing aids just didn’t work for her.” Others told us how much money they were able to save by being able to use the aids they already own and didn’t have to buy new ones.  There were many personal stories like these.  

We continue to serve our community today in the same way we began in 2012. We have now helped over 3000 patients hear better. We thank all of them for choosing Now Hear This® and for posting their 5-star reviews online.  We have always conducted our business on the premise that the patient comes first.   That is why we invested in our medical device in the first place.  I think that is the biggest reason we have the reviews that we do, the success that we do, and the fabulous stories our patients share with us nearly every week.

We are committed to serve all patients with the very best practices of audiological care in the US, and we hope to serve you and your family for years to come.

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