Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Expert, Dr. Philip Griffin, Chief Audiologist at Now Hear This® Featured by ViewPoints

With the recent report that 20% of kids now have some form of hearing loss, concerns are growing that the “coolest” headphone and ear buds for consumers expose users to a risk of hearing loss. This raises important questions: Which ones should we use and how do we protect our hearing?

Given the increasing choices in ear buds, headphones and ear protection devices, a leading consumer products publication recently addressed the issues. ViewPoints, a leading consumer products publication, recently did a great job in describing different uses, and how they pose different risks depending on age, size of ear canals, and what sounds they amplify.

Dr. Philip Griffin, Chief Audiologist at Now Hear This, was cited by ViewPoints as the hearing loss expert in three articles. To read them them, click on these links: