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What Makes Us Better?

Introducing AccuFit®: An Advanced Technology That Lets Us Make You Completely Satisfied With Your Hearing Aids. Guaranteed!

The fact is that we sell virtually all the same hearing aids as our competitors, but we don’t have to rely on guess-work to adjust them. To see how AccuFit® is different, and how it makes hearing aids deliver the most clear and comfortable sounds , click on this short entertaining video to the right and then call us!

Patient Stories

  • Brent C. Read More
    "When it was time for another hearing aid, I was mainly driven by cost. I could not afford to get another one from the same manufacturer." - Brent C.
  • Frank T. Read More
    "They were talking about the technology that they had that was the only practice in the country using it." - Frank T.
  • Millie Read More
    "The first time I wore my new Phonak behind the ear hearing aids to church, I was wondering whose magnificent voice that was." - Millie
  • Allison K. Read More
    "I no longer have to worry about being in a noisy restaurant or missing whispers. It is that discreet, that comfortable, that much a part of me." - Allison K.
  • Carolyn G. Read More
    "With my mother living alone, I thought it was extremely important for her to hear sounds in the house." - Carolyn G.

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