Tinnitus and COVID-19 Relationship

Dr. Egan here, and today I am going to tell you a little bit about how COVID-19 are connected. Before I get started on that, I want to talk to you a little bit about all the different factors that can impact tinnitus. It is much more complex than I could explain in this video, but a lot of lifestyle factors like caffeine, alcohol, sleep, and stress can exacerbate tinnitus or make tinnitus worse. The difficult thing is figuring out what is due to the COVID-19 and what is due to all these other lifestyle factors. For example, if you test positive with COVID-19, you’re probably going to be a lot more stressed, you might not sleep as well, you might drink more caffeine while googling all the things you need to do, and at this point in time there isn’t a good study that is able to separate them and figure out which is impacting the tinnitus. So, we will just have to wait until more research comes out and I’ll update you then!

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