Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Current hearing aid technology is advancing rapidly and can be difficult for consumers to remain up-to-date. This article will provide insight into the different kinds of wireless hearing aid technology available in 2021.

MFI (made for iphone) Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Aids

MFI hearing devices are able to connect wirelessly to an iphone, ipad, and sometimes even an apple watch! These devices can stream phone calls, podcast, or even music directly to your ears, creating crystal clear sound for the brain to understand. This technology typically also comes with a phone application that allows for the hearing aid to be adjusted manually if the person sees fit. This is very useful for a new hearing aid user, who is still getting used to the sound of their hearing aids. The one limitation is that they do not connect directly with computers or android devices. Lastly, this technology is well developed, resulting in good quality sound and few technological glitches. If you have an iphone, this is a great option for you!

Traditional Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Some hearing devices are now using traditional Bluetooth, meaning, they can connect to most current phones, computers, tablets, or even smart TVs, as long as they have current traditional Bluetooth protocols. These devices can connect to many different devices and stream audio input directly to your ears, creating a clear sound while connecting to many different kinds of devices. This technology also comes with a phone application that allows for the hearing aid to be adjusted manually if the person sees fit. Traditional Bluetooth is a great option for someone who wants to connect directly with their android phone or their desktop or laptop computer. As this is a newer technology, there are times when phone or hearing aid software updates are needed to keep the wireless connection working correctly. 

Additional Proprietary Wireless Devices that Connect with Hearing Aids

Every hearing aid company has proprietary hearing aid accessories that connect wirelessly with the hearing aids to assist in different listening situations. Common devices include a TV streamer (connects the TV wirelessly to your hearing aids), a remote microphone (worn on another person so they can be heard clearly in your hearing aids), or a table microphone (picks up many different voices and sends them straight to your ears). Some accessory devices are used to connect made for iphone wireless hearing aids directly with the computer. These accessories are incredibly helpful when someone has specific listening needs, and the wireless signal is not only reliable but also easy to use. 

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