Hearing Aid Fitting Office in Raleigh

About Now Hear This®

Now Hear This® Audiology and Hearing Solutions in Raleigh is a private audiology and hearing clinic that uses a new FDA-approved device that equips us to vastly improve the performance of hearing aids if at all possible, even if purchased elsewhere.  Our most important values are honesty and integrity, and all work is aimed at doing good for our patients, their families, and the world at large.  Hearing your best is that important, and our technical expertise is on the level you would find at leading university clinics.

Now Hear This® treats every patient using the Gold Standard of Hearing Care. This means when we fit and optimize hearing aids, we adhere to the most current standards of care. This ensures that the type and degree of hearing loss is correctly diagnosed, and that hearing aids (if needed) are accurately prescribed and adjusted to let the patient hear both clearly and comfortably. Using anything less than the Gold Standard of Hearing Care means that some degree of guesswork is involved, and the patient is at risk of not hearing their best.

In addition using the Gold Standard of Hearing Care, we use an exclusive, FDA-approved device called AccuFit®. It lets us make hearing aids work excellently, right from the start. AccuFit® gives us the ability to analyze with over 200% finer resolution to understand your personal sound preferences and ear canal acoustics. Dr. Philip Griffin, our full time audiologist was trained at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a perfectionist when it comes to your hearing.

Our sole business and mission is to help you and every patient hear the clearest sounds in the most comfortable and cost effective way possible.  We do not use high pressure sales techniques.  In fact, we are known to save money for a lot of patients because we made their current hearing aids work better.

We protect your investment with a money-back guarantee.  We also save you time and money from many “re-visits” to get your hearing instruments working exactly right.

Our clinic is conveniently located in Raleigh, NC just outside the belt-line near Crabtree Mall. Parking is a breeze, and there are no elevators and no stairs. You will love our Patient Care Coordinator, the comfortable chairs and fresh coffee, and our desire and ability to serve you in the way you deserve.

At Now Hear This®, you are immediately greeted by a smiling, caring Patient Care Coordinator who will look after your every need. She is NOT behind a glass window looking at a computer screen.

Our full time audiologist has years of specialized academic and clinical training and experience. In contrast with non-audiologist hearing aid dealers, our audiologist is licensed to conduct diagnostic hearing evaluations and can treat up to 90% of hearing losses with hearing aids.  We don’t look like a laboratory or computer lab with a lot of instruments and wires.  You will love visiting us, and can rest assured that receive the best in hearing health care.