Improved Hearing Throughout Raleigh, NC

The benefits of improved hearing are important ones. Being able to hear clearly and understand conversation brings many advantages.  It keeps us safe by alerting us of noises in our environment, such as when someone is knocking on the door, or when a high-pitched smoke alarm goes off.

Most importantly, improved hearing keeps us connected to our family, friends, and the community. The largest study ever* on the effects of treatment of hearing loss showed that people who chose to hear better with hearing devices reported the benefits of:

        • Better relationships within the family
        • Better feelings about themselves
        • Improved mental health
        • Greater independence and security

The patients of Now Hear This® in Raleigh tell us about other benefits of improved hearing:

        • Less fatigue from having to strain to hear
        • Greater enjoyment of TV
        • Improved hearing on the telephone
        • Feel more connected and in-the-know
        • Better performance at work
        • More involvement with children and grandchildren

Practically everyone who makes the decision to hear better obtains significant benefits. Have a hearing evaluation today by the audiologist at Now Hear This® will help you find out how much you might benefit.

*The Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss in Older Persons. National Council on Aging, 1999.