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Tips for Protecting Your Hearing

Hearing protection is incredibly important in our increasingly noisy world. If something is over 70 decibels in volume, it can harm your hearing over a period of time or repeated exposures. Download the free NIOSH SLM phone app if you want to estimate the loudness of your everyday lives, and watch the following video of Dr. Egan as she talks about other tips and tricks for hearing protection… Continue reading

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2022 Awards and Recognitions

Now Hear This Raleigh is thrilled to announce that they were a finalist in the small business category of the BBB Torch Awards. We celebrated with other successful business owners at the Prestonwood Country Club of Cary. Torch Awards are the highest honor BBB bestows on companies that show exceptional commitment to integrity and ethical practices. Through its Torch Awards for Ethics, the BBB promotes trust in the marketplace and recognizes business role models.  … Continue reading

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Problems with Demo Hearing Aids

Recently we have had patients come to our clinic after trying several different hearing aids, frustrated that nothing has solved their hearing problem. The difficult thing about these situations is that hearing aids take time to get used to, and hearing aids fit elsewhere may not have had best-practice hearing aid programming, via Real Ear Measurement! Many providers act like hearing aids are an instant fix, but a more honest and realistic approach always leads to better outcomes in the end. It takes our brain time to adapt to and process the sound we have been missing! Watch the video bellow to learn more about Dr. Egan’s experience with hearing aid demos… Continue reading

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You and our team have heard countless stories of patients frustrated with their aids. We are frustrated too. Trust us, it does not have to be this way. We are tired of people having poor hearing after purchasing quality hearing aids that also left a hole in their wallets. And you know what?  It’s NOT hard to solve this problem. It DOES NOT have to be this way. … Continue reading

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