Affordable Hearing Initiative™ Comes to Raleigh, NC

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Hearing Aids and Professional Hearing Healthcare Now Affordable 

The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology recently made recommendations to improve both access and affordability of hearing care in the United States. In response, Now Hear This® is introducing a new program designed to deliver affordability and professional hearing health care. We believe no one should go through life with poor hearing or poor performing hearing aids.

This program has significant benefits for the nearly quarter of a million hearing impaired people living in the Triangle, most of which would receive long-term health benefits from affordable hearing health care. The US Department of Health and Human Services estimates only 20% of people who could benefit from hearing aids actually use them.[1] Our Affordable Hearing Initiative™ provides new choices in hearing care for those who have been reluctant to treat their hearing loss.

NC residents are living longer than ever, and they want to do so actively. The long-term health benefits of healthy hearing are clear, but they are not well known by the general public.

Hearing affects our social engagements, physical balance, cognitive abilities and our overall quality of life. Our team at Now Hear This® knows that healthy hearing is vital to living an active lifestyle and engaging with others.

Recent medical studies by John Hopkins University suggest that when the brain is not stimulated by the natural sounds of life and speech of others, brain function declines. In fact, adults with hearing loss:

  • Suffer cognitive impairment 3.2 years sooner than those with normal hearing.
  • Experience a 30%-40% greater decline in cognitive abilities.
  • Are dramatically more likely to develop dementia. With mild hearing loss, up to 200%; if severe, they are up to 500% more likely to develop dementia.

We know that only a small fraction of Americans get hearing aids even if their hearing isn’t what it used to be. They are known for being too expensive, receive practically no insurance coverage, and have a reputation for constantly needing adjustments and still never seem to work right. However, modern digital hearing aids, fitted by a trained audiologist, are far improved from previous generations.

Our Affordable Hearing Initiative™ allows patients to receive expert care by a Doctor of Audiology and quality hearing aids starting at the same price ($1295 each) as what they would pay at warehouse stores like Costco and the national hearing aid dealers. These entry-level hearing aids are fitted with the same expert professional care of our most advanced products and come with a money-back guarantee (less a professional service fee). This kind of assurance is possible only because Dr. Philip Griffin, our Chief Audiologist, and his staff fine-tune the sounds coming out of your hearing aids to your personal needs with our German-engineered AccuFit® system.

Our Affordable Hearing Initiative© includes:

  • Latest-model hearing aid (Phonak Audeo®) with the latest generation of technology versus the Phonak Brio® sold at Costco and other “big box stores”
  • Options to choose more advanced digital hearing aids in 4 pricing levels up to $3295 to ensure meet your exact hearing and lifestyle needs
  • Extended “no hurry” appointments with Dr. Philip Griffin AuD, a true Doctor of Audiology. This ensures you always get the time and attention you need, and you will benefit from healthcare procedures that meet or exceed those used in hearing clinics at the nation’s leading medical universities
  • All hearing aids are fine-tuned and optimized to your specific needs with our exclusive German-engineered AccuFit® This includes technologies called “Real Ear Measurements” and “loudness mapping” so that your hearing aids are perfectly matched to your ear canal and loudness preferences. This ensures you will hear your best in all listening environments including loud busy restaurants
  • Unlike hearing aid providers that lock their hearing aids so that they can never be serviced by others, Now Hear This® gives you the freedom to have them adjusted by nearly any other Doctor of Audiology
  • Adjustments “done right the first time” requiring fewer follow-up appointments. All our hearing treatment plans include extended periods of unlimited free adjustments
  • 100% money back guaranteed satisfaction within our 60 day trial period[2]
  • All hearing treatment plans include extended periods of free premium-level batteries
  • Free, fast turnaround of repair and/or replacement of hearing aids (parts and labor) for one year, plus one-time replacement of lost or damaged hearing aids.

Many individuals do not know how to identify and choose audiologists, nor do they understand how they differ from hearing aid dealers in terms of training, credentials and expertise. In addition, many primary care physicians, as well as the general population are ill-informed about the numerous benefits of healthy hearing. As part of our Affordable Hearing Initiative, Now Hear This® believes it is our philanthropic mission to educate patients, fellow physicians, local companies, musicians, churches, civic groups, etc. about the link between hearing loss and dementia and the importance that healthy hearing has on long-term health. We hope to see you at one of our speaking events around the Triangle.


[2] Less a professional service fee.