Just How Much DO Hearing Aids Cost?

The cost of hearing aids is a popular question these days as growing numbers of baby boomers in Raleigh, NC are addressing hearing loss. The answer begins with your diagnosis and the type of lifestyle you lead. Because hearing is as unique as your fingerprint, having an accurate diagnosis is vital to understanding exactly what type of loss you have, and which hearing aids will provide optimal treatment.

Your “Morning Cup of Joe” is about the same cost-per-day as hearing aids

For example, “Bob” has both high and low frequency loss hearing loss. Although he has no significant loss in the midrange frequencies, he does miss out on critical components of speech in the high and low frequency ranges. This makes it especially difficult to understand what others are saying in social situations, busy restaurants, churches and business meetings. It is important to Bob to hear accurately, comfortably and clearly in all situations, so he chose sophisticated digital hearing aids for about $6,500 for the pair. Of course, you can also purchase less expensive technology ranging all the way down to about $4000 a pair…or even lower if you are on a tight budget and do not have an active lifestyle.

While the upfront cost of hearing aids may seem significant, the cost-per-day of ownership is like a cup of coffee per day if you consider the aids will serve you for four to six years. In addition, the cost typically includes warranties, batteries and audiologist services for most of that time.

Discussing your diagnosis and lifestyle with your audiologist will determine which technology and features are needed in your hearing aids. The latest technologically advanced hearing aids are wonderful as they help people hear more clearly and comfortably in all listening environments. Digital hearing aids have microphones that transmit sounds processed by a computer microchip, which moderates the volume and amplifies the frequencies needed to improve your hearing. More advanced hearing aids provide augmented features like wireless technology, interactive microphones, and have higher computing power to enable additional levels of fine-tuning.

When it comes to deciding exactly which hearing aids to buy and where to purchase them in Raleigh, NC, it’s important not to boil your decision down to mere numbers. Just like with other healthcare issues, you should choose a hearing healthcare provider that has the training, clinical expertise and technology to correctly diagnose and treat your specific hearing issues. A true Doctor of Audiology will help you save money while improving your hearing to help you maintain an enjoyable quality of life. Be aware of less qualified “hearing specialists” and national hearing aid dealers who may sell you a product that isn’t the best solution for your diagnosis. In addition, they won’t have the professional clinical expertise and medical training to ensure your new hearing aids are working just right for your health needs.