Lyric Hearing Aids: The Pros and Cons, and Options

Every day it seems we get a call from someone who saw a newspaper ad for Lyric hearing aids, asking if we carry them. Then they nearly always follow up with two more questions. The first is,“What do you think of them?” and the second is, “Will they work for me?”

The first one is easy: they are a great invention and unique in the world of hearing aids. Answer two is a little more difficult because it starts with “it depends”, which leaves people with even more questions.

So here are some answers about Lyric and other “invisible in-the-canal (IIC)” hearing aids. I hope it is helpful.

About Lyric Hearing Aids For Raleigh, NC Patients

Lyric hearing aids offer great benefits to patients willing to pay 4-5 times more than most other IICs (over 5 years, which is the usual lifetime of hearing aids). The benefits are that for about two months, you don’t have to take them out when you go to sleep or take a shower. Plus you don’t have to change batteries. At the end of two months, you just throw them away and come back for new ones.

Other than the cost, this unique product probably won’t be an option for patients with certain types of hearing loss, ear canal shapes, diabetes or on blood thinner medications. Our audiologist believes this applies to about 50% of patients. There are also reports that a high percentage of people switch back to other hearing aids after trying Lyric.

For people who only want the superb sound quality of IIC hearing aids, but don’t want to pay the high price and don’t want to go to the clinic every two months, they also have great options. IIC hearing aids are made by Lyric competitors, including nearly all big manufacturers. This includes Starkey, Oticon, Siemens and Unitron to name a few. Their biggest downsides are that you can’t shower or sleep with them, and you have to replace the batteries and “clean them” regularly just like other hearing aids, except Lyric.

Finally, one small personal message:  If you have the resources and interests to look into IIC hearing aids, you should talk to our Raleigh, NC audiologist, Dr. Griffin. We are the only clinic in the US using TruTarget® loudness scaling to make sure hearing aids meet the patient’s specific hearing needs. We feel very comfortable saying this will really make a difference to you. We truly are the “future of hearing” and will do everything we can to ensure you receive maximum value from advanced hearing aids.

–Robert C. Keefer, CEO