Now Hear This® Featured on WNCN News in Raleigh

Valonda Calloway of  WNCN’s My Carolina Today spoke with our very own Dr. Griffin to learn about the importance of proper hearing aid adjusting and how our team at Now Hear This® in Raleigh, NC is revolutionizing not only the way that people hear, but how they live their daily lives.

Dr. Griffin pointed out that Now Hear This® is the only hearing clinic in the country to use the AccuFit® system to measure personal sound preferences and use these preferences to fit hearing aids for maximum sound clarity, crispness, and most importantly, comfort. No one wants the normal sounds of life to be uncomfortable or painful.

The Importance of Properly Fitting Hearing Aids

According to research, certain health problems — including Alzheimer’s, dementia, and hazards such as falling — have been associated with poor hearing. That’s why it’s more important than ever that those who have hearing aids are actually wearing them, and that they perform properly. Hearing is also a large determinant of one’s quality of life, and unfortunately, those who have hearing difficulties or are dissatisfied with their hearing aids are more likely to withdraw from social situations and meaningful time with friends and family.

It is because of these risks that our team is dedicated to offering custom hearing aid fittings to patients in Raleigh and beyond. Dr. Griffin explained that the unique Now Hear This® hearing aid fitting experience includes full diagnostic tests and an interview in order to understand each patient’s hearing history and needs. Using this information, our hearing specialists have maximized not only the hearing, but the quality of life, of hundreds of individuals across the Triangle.

For more information about our unique hearing aid fitting method in Raleigh, and to understand how AccuFit® will make a difference in your hearing health, check out the Now Hear This® Method video on our homepage and give us a call at 919-256-2898

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