Now Hear This® Patient Care: We Don’t Just Hear, We Listen

Sarah Kate Fisher 7.2016Our ability to hear, like no other sense, gives us the opportunity to engage.  Being able to hear the muffled words of a teenager, the tender whisper of a grandchild, crickets on a summer night or birds chirping on your morning walk has an immeasurable impact on our quality of life. That is why helping our patients to hear their personal best is critically important to me and the rest of the staff at Now Hear This®.

You see, I know about hearing issues first hand.  As a child, I had chronic ear infections that affected my hearing and speech.  Luckily, my hearing impairment was resolved with middle ear surgery, but it left me with a lasting impression of the vitality of hearing.  In addition, my father’s diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss was eye opening.  Witnessing my Dad’s hearing loss journey with hearing aids has made me more sensitive to the needs of hearing aid wearers. I understand my father’s need for not only for hearing clearly in noisy restaurants or muffled environments, but also the desire to hear comfortably.  I try to be empathetic to the needs to senior patients especially, as they have a multitude of factors that can affect their hearing.

Originally from Huntsville, Alabama, I come from a family full of engineers.  I believe audiology is the perfect fit for me because I can draw upon my analytical nature to meld scientific studies and medical knowledge with the emotional side of hearing loss. I listen intently to what my patients are saying, but also what they mean when they are describing their hearing loss.  I think my ability to connect with patients makes them feel comfortable communicating their hearing challenges with me.  I genuinely care about and treat each and every patient as if they are members of my family.

Everyday I have patients who can suddenly remember the sound of raindrops or the tender voice of loved ones when I fit them with hearing aids.  This is so inspiring! Taking the time to experience those moments with patients is not the norm is today’s healthcare environment.  Thankfully, at Now Hear This® our staff can spend as much time as needed with each patient to truly provide exemplary hearing care.  Our exclusive German engineered Accufit™ system allows us to fine-tune and optimize hearing aids based on our patients’ individual hearing needs and acoustics. Using the best technology available and having longer appointment times allows me to go home every day and know that I did the best for each patient.


Dr. Sarah Kate Fisher, Head Doctor of Audiology, Now Hear This® Clinic