Zounds Hearing Aids

Zounds® Hearing Aids in Raleigh and Cary, NC: Locked Doors and Locked Hearing Aids

If you own Zounds® hearing aids, please note Zounds® offices in Cary, NC and Raleigh, NC have closed their doors. In fact, at least five of the eight North Carolina Zounds® offices are no longer in business. Unfortunately, patients served by those offices, they are left with locked hearing aids, which cannot be serviced by any other hearing aid provider in the area.


Now Hear This® contacted Zounds® corporate office to request the codes to unlock Zounds® hearing aids so we can assist their former patients who need to have their hearing aids adjusted. Unfortunately, the company will not release those codes to us or provide any helpful solution.


Most national chains and large retailers like Zounds® lock their hearing devices so adjustments can only be performed at their locations. Shockingly, most patients have no idea their hearing aid is locked until they seek care from hearing aid provider. With hearing aid dealers popping up on nearly every corner, many seniors, and their adult children, are not aware of the common pitfalls they can encounter when making their selection of where to purchase hearing aids. Doug, a Raleigh resident, recently shared with us his experiences with locked hearing aids. If you’d like to read about it, please click here.


Furthermore, national hearing aid chains often employ “hearing aid instrument specialists,” not true Doctors of Audiology. In the state of North Carolina, licensed specialists like these typically only need a high school diploma and minimal on-the-job training to get a license, whereas board-certified Doctors of Audiology, have close to a decade of university medical training in all aspects of hearing health diagnostics and treatment with thousands of patients. If you select a hearing aid provider who is not a true audiologist and not equipped to accurately adjust your hearing aids, you may be left with poor hearing, even with your new aids. What is worse, if your aids are locked, you are stuck with aids that cannot be serviced anywhere else.


At Now Hear This®, we carry all the major brands of hearing aids, which are never locked. In addition, we guarantee your satisfaction with any hearing aid you purchase. Please tell your friends and family to never purchased locked hearing aids. Please consider seeing true Doctors of Audiology, like those at Now Hear This® for your hearing care and hearing instruments.