Hearing Aid Remote Programming

Hi Everyone! I’m Dr. Egan from Now Hear This, and today I want to talk to you about remote programming. When hearing aids are programmed for the first time, it needs to be done in person. That’s because hearing aids should be programmed using real ear measurements, which you can find more information about in our other videos. After a hearing aid is programmed using real ear measures, additional adjustments as your brain and ears re-calibrate can sometimes be done virtually.

We work with all 7 major hearing aid manufacturers, and some of these companies have developed software so that we can video chat with patients and make real time hearing aid adjustments. There are a lot of benefits to this: some of our patients live far away and prefer not to travel, some patients have unique listening needs, and want to adjust in their particular environment. For example, if someone plays the piano, they may want adjustments made while they are playing their actual piano at home, to test out the sound quality.

If remote programming interests you, then I definitely recommend you speak with your provider about this option as not all hearing aid manufacturers are able to do this. If you have additional questions, feel free to call us at 919 256 2898. We are happy to help our patients meet their listening needs.

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  1. Hi there,
    My name is Rich Donohue from Creedmoor NC, and I am an 85 year old Navy vet.
    My impaired hearing started with an unprotected ear (removed headset from left ear to hear the Captain’s comment).as 5″ guns were fired about 40 feet from our bridge location.
    That incident happened in 1956 aboard the destroyer USS Maddox DD731 ln the Formosa (Now Taiwan) straits between Taiwan and Communist China.
    The next incident occurred a couple of years ago, when a newly purchased battery charger proved to be miswired, and caused a lithium cell to explode about
    10 feet from me. (I had my head down with my right ear on a pillow). The resulting explosion was even louder than the first one, and my hearing suffered resulting in about an 80% loss of hearing in the left ear.
    Well, enough of that……..Now the reason for this note…

    The VA has really been very good to me, and I have no complaints with their services, other than adjusting my Oticon hearing aids.
    I am usually very outgoing with the people that my wife and I associate with, but my hearing impairment has drastically cut down on my relationships as I am having
    trouble with hearing while in a group setting, especially with excessive background noise.

    Being a music lover and Hi Fi nut, I try to explain to the VA audio tech that the high frequencies are causing most of the distortion to voices, and at low volume, that is not a problem. However, in a group situation, when a higher volume setting is necessary, the high frequency is unbearable.

    I have made numerous visits to the VA to correct this…but have not had any luck…

    Unfortunately, my wife and I are living on Social Security income and cannot spend an great amount of money to solve this problem, so I am asking you if you could help us…


    Grampa Rich

    (not rich grampa as all the grands and great grandkids like to think…25 at last count)

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