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Are you experiencing hearing difficulty or starting to wonder whether you hear as well as you used to? Hearing loss can affect people of all ages and at varying degrees. If you find yourself asking “can you repeat that?” then it may be time to schedule a diagnostic hearing test!

At Now Hear This®, we’re proud to be recognized by many doctors in the Raleigh area as the best hearing aid clinic and best resource for hearing screenings and comprehensive audiometric and audiological evaluation. Improve your hearing — and your quality of life — with help from our Raleigh, NC audiologists! Schedule your hearing test today.

The Hearing Screening & Audiometric Testing Process

Hearing Booth at Now Hear This®

When you visit our Raleigh, NC hearing clinic, you’ll receive so much more than just a hearing test. Our audiologists perform in-depth evaluations in order to provide you with the most accurate hearing loss diagnosis and effective solution.

Wondering what to expect at your hearing evaluation appointment? The Now Hear This® audiometric testing process includes:

  • Review of your hearing and hearing-related medical history, including family history of hearing loss and history of noise exposure
  • Ear canal and eardrum inspection
  • A series of hearing tests, such as pure-tone testing, speech testing or middle ear tests, depending on your unique needs
  • Diagnosis of hearing loss degree and configuration
  • Hearing loss or tinnitus treatment recommendations 

Schedule Your Hearing Evaluation Today! 

The symptoms of hearing loss differ from person to person. If you have experienced a change in hearing, it’s time to call the caring team at Now Hear This®. Our experienced Raleigh audiologists offer comprehensive hearing evaluations to help you regain your hearing clarity  and your quality of life.

Ready to schedule your hearing evaluation appointment? Contact Now Hear This® today! Our hearing clinic is conveniently located to serve patients from Raleigh, Durham and across the Triangle area.