Our Team

At Now Hear This®, you will receive the finest care from our team because we truly care about our patients’ lives and well being.  We fully believe no one should have to go through life with poor hearing, OR poorly performing hearing aids. We will always do our best to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

We are staffed by Doctors of Audiology (Au.D.) that were trained at the top audiology graduate schools in the United States.  They have multiple years of practical experience working with patients, and have been trained on the use of our exclusive German ACAM® 5 fitting system. Their passion for serving hearing impaired patients coupled with their knowledge of the human hearing system, hearing aids, and hearing aid fittings make for the most complete hearing care available.

They are vigilant for any medical conditions that may need care from a physician, and look at your hearing health from a comprehensive point of view. Audiologists, like other medical professionals, are bound by a code of ethics to do what’s best for the patient, regardless of any other factors.

Sarah Kate Fisher, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology
ABA Board Certified in Audiology

Dr. Fisher joins the Now Hear This® team in Raleigh to provide expert audiological care and professional service for all hearing healthcare needs.  Dr. Fisher focuses her clinical attention on providing the most detailed and accurate hearing aid fittings possible. She believes that an accurate and verified hearing aid fitting is essential, and provides the patient with the best opportunity to hear as much as they can.

An alumnus of Auburn University, her clinical experience and research focused on auditory rehabilitation, improving hearing aid satisfaction outcomes, and developmental delays and disorders.

Dr. Fisher is originally from Huntsville, Alabama.  She resides in Raleigh with her husband, Jeremy.

Commitment to Education
Doctor of Audiology – Au.D. Auburn University
Bachelor of Arts – B.A., Communication Disorders, University of Alabama
Board Certified in Audiology, American Board of Audiology
State License, North Carolina Board of Examiners for Audiologists
Member, American Academy of Audiology
Member, Academy of Doctors of Audiology


Dawn Geda

Patient Care Coordinator

Originally from Michigan, Dawn moved to Raleigh, NC in June of 2009. She has two grown sons, Zachary and Dylan.

Dawn brings 37 years of experience ranging in customer service, patient care advocacy, office administration and management, and business development to Now Hear This, Inc®. She is one of the three original founders of Now Hear This, Inc.® and has played an important part in the mission, success, growth, and philosophy of our business.

Her educational background consists of legal, anatomical, and radiographic certifications.

Dawn is dedicated to expanding her knowledge in the audiology field, educating the public about hearing loss, contributing to the success and growth of Now Hear This, Inc.®, and being a significant part of improving the quality of life of those with hearing loss and/or hearing impairment. Being extremely dedicated to our patients and their care, Dawn looks forward to growing into management of several Now Hear This clinics in the near future.



Robert Keefer, CEO

Robert Keefer, Ph.D

Bob, who is the Owner as well, had a vision for improving hearing aid performance and healthcare in America.  He got that vision while consulting with a small German company (Acousticon Ag) that manufactured a new device that, in Germany, helps audiologists make patients so happy with their hearing aids that they truly enjoy them.  That “joy” was in stark contrast to America where most hearing aided patients are frustrated with them and think they don’t work as well as they should.  Then, when he read research papers that said people with hearing loss are at MUCH greater risk of dementia (including Alzheimer’s), clinical depression, and falls with broken bones, he decided to do something about it.  He started up Now Hear This® as the only place in America using the German medical device.

Prior to Now Hear This® Dr. Keefer worked with a North Carolina-based consulting company called TCG MedTech, which specialized in developing US operations for European medical companies.  Originally, he received his PhD from Nebraska Medical School and in the interim has been a manager and chief executive of companies like Quest Diagnostics (formerly Smith Kline Clinical Laboratories), Analytical Technologies Inc, and Vista Information Solutions.  

He is an avid fly-fisherman, singer, and college football fan.  Among other civic and non-profit involvements, he has served a four year term on the Board of the National Institutes of Health (NIH/NIEHS), a two year position with The Hamner Institute, and  a four year term as President of the Board of I Love A Clean San Diego County.

Dr. Keefer never stops advocating for the best in hearing care.  You can regularly find him at the Raleigh legislative offices meeting with state officials to discuss current healthcare laws.