Allison K.

Robert C. Keefer, PhD.


Allison K. from Raleigh, NC.

What Allison has to say about Now Hear This®:

“Now Hear This® gave me the best of everything: service, quality, fit and price.

After learning that I had acute hearing loss in one ear, I felt overwhelmed by the way it would change my world. After meeting with Dr. Griffin, I was so relieved. He was a patient listener who was able to fully understand what I needed and provided me with a device that was right for me. I didn’t just need a hearing aid; I needed a complete understanding of my hearing loss and what my options would be. Dr. Griffin provided that.

In addition, Dr. Griffin made a custom mold for the hearing device of my choice so that I had an exact fit. I got the color and size that I wanted. He also spent the right amount of time with me to make sure the sound quality was natural, precise and balanced. I don’t get distortion or feedback and I can easily adjust the settings to accommodate the environment. I no longer have to worry about being in a noisy restaurant or missing whispers. It is that discreet, that comfortable, that much a part of me.

Thank you, Now Hear This®, for such an exceptional product and service!”

 Allison K – May, 2013