BTE Bluetooth Hearing Aids Provide Added Comfort

Robert C. Keefer, PhD.



Millie B. from Raleigh, NC.

Why the Patient Visited Now Hear This®

Millie was frustrated with her hearing loss which she has had for many years.  She was having difficulty hearing at work as well as on phones.  Her job was also very stressful for her.  She spent considerable time at work on the phone.  She stated that her hearing loss made everything difficult for her.  She was disappointed in the performance of her current hearing aids.  She would like to be able to hear better in all situations including her cell phone and on landlines

How Now Hear This® Assisted the Patient

We fit this patient with behind the ear hearing aids and a comPilot device.  The BTEs were beneficial for a number of reasons including the ability to work comfortably with her glasses, while the bluetooth hearing aid feature is useful for phone calls.  Comfort was a primary concern for Millie especially while talking on the phone.  She reports she is able to hear much better and reports more speech clarity.  One month after her initial hearing aid fitting, we programmed stereozoom into Millie’s hearing aids which she reported at her next visit to be working very well for her.

How Millie Feels Today

“The first time I wore my new Phonak behind the ear hearing aids to church, I was wondering whose magnificent voice I was hearing singing.  I turned around and realized…it was my husband.  Thank you Dr. Griffin for enhancing my profoundly deaf hearing loss so I can enjoy life and all it has to offer so much more!”