Carolyn G.

Robert C. Keefer, PhD.


Carolyn G. from Raleigh, NC.

What Carolyn has to say about Now Hear This®:

“With my mother living alone, I thought it was extremely important for her to hear sounds in the house. I am thankful every day that we turned to you for help.

I can’t tell you how much joy she gets out of hearing the television. Both of my parents had been reduced to reading their shows with the closed captioning. I even laughed when she called to tell me the air conditioner was making funny sounds. Just the normal fan sounds outside her living room window, but now she could hear them. I can’t thank you enough for not having to repeat everything to her. She can now hear me even with car noise going on. She carries on a normal conversation. She had not heard her cat talk to her in a long time. It is fun to hear the cat meow and hear her say ‘What do you want baby?’.

All of that is icing on the cake but I have to tell you the best gift of all. We have a lady in our extended family. A mother-in-law to one of my sisters. Her children have not been able to understand what she is saying for a few years now. They lean over in front of her mouth in hopes of hearing ‘I love you too’. They smile and pat her on the arm and walk away saying ‘I don’t know what she is saying’. But last Thanksgiving, they invited my mother over. They sat her in a chair about 3 feet away from our dear friend. And they carried on a conversation for 3 hours. Laughing and smiling the whole time. My mom understood and could clearly hear what she said the whole time. She was an interpreter for that time. The lady was very appreciative and for 3 hours she was reconnected to her family by way of my mother.

So I thank you. My sisters thank you. Even our friends and extended family thank you. Thank you for offering a service to improve hearing and actually delivering that service and so much more. I wish I could enrich your lives the way you have enriched ours. And every day brings more wonderful gifts from this experience.

With appreciation, Carolyn G. – Raleigh NC