Pamela T.

Robert C. Keefer, PhD.


Pamela T. from New York City, NY.

What Pamela has to say about Now Hear This®:


“I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease over ten years ago. My hearing has deteriorated over the course of the illness, and I’ve been wearing hearing aids for the last 4 years. As an attorney working in the fast-paced, high-demand world of New York finance, hearing and engaging with people is critical. I found that hearing aids helped somewhat, but the clarity and word recognition continued to be a problem. It got to the point where I had to have someone join me in meetings to take notes or only make meetings by phone so I could turn up the speaker volume as loud as possible-even that wasn’t enough. Outside of work I faced a number of challenges. Living in New York City can be an assault on hearing – loud streets, sirens, the hum of fans in buildings, the echoes of large spaces. I used to love restaurants, theater and movies, but I started to avoid those places because I just couldn’t understand what people were saying or what was going on. I also found I stopped using my hearing aids.

I went to several top audiologists and hearing centers in New York City. The audiologists would fiddle with dials and computer programs, but generally not engage with me. I would try to explain the challenges I was facing, but I felt like they were simply inputting data and making tweaks based on the specified program for the hearing aid. I even tried different makes and models, but nothing worked. I didn’t feel like the audiologists understood how to address my concerns or even understood what I was describing.

Then a friend from Raleigh forwarded to me a News & Observer article about the Now Hear This® fitting method. This sounded unique–like the professionals at Now Hear This® were really trying to understand how a patient experiences the sound from a hearing aid.

From my first phone call to make an appointment, I could tell this would be a different experience.

Dr. Griffin was patient and engaged. He listened to my and my husband’s concerns. We probably spent the first hour just talking. He talked to us about how to maximize the usefulness of the hearing aids. In my many years of dealing with hearing issues, no one had ever done this. I immediately noticed a difference in how I was hearing with my hearing aids after they were adjusted by Now Hear This®. I also felt like someone had finally listened to me and taken the time to help.

Dr. Griffin adjusted my hearing aids over 3 months ago. Since then, I have been wearing them from when I get up until I go to bed. At work, it’s been amazing. I can hear people in meetings–both private and in conference rooms. I rarely struggle – even with low pitched voices or “low talkers”. Each day I’m amazed that I could have gotten along as long as I did without these adjustments.

I now sincerely believe that I can live a happy and productive life with the help of properly adjusted hearing aids.”

Pamela T. – New York, New York