Reprogrammed Hearing Aid

Robert C. Keefer, PhD.

Hearing Aid Patient


Kathy K. from Traer, IA.

Why the Patient Visited NHT

At 86 years old, Kathy had hearing aids for 5 years. The problem was that she had quit using them because they were uncomfortable, and she didn’t feel like she was really hearing better.

How NHT Assisted the Patient

Dr. Griffin used his advanced procedures and technologies to re-program her hearing aids in a way that would let her use and enjoy her hearing aids all of the time.

How the Patient Feels Today

“I had given up on anyone making my old aids work better, but Dr. Griffin did it with his technology device. He did it so well that I decided to buy modern ones so that I could hear even better. Now they are so comfortable sometimes I forget they are in.”