Products For Audiophiles

The Highest Quality In-Ear Listening Headphones

An “audiophile” is someone with an intense love of sound and music, and often searches for the highest quality headphones available anywhere in the world. An audiophile considers music-listening to be of ultimate importance, and doesn’t want to miss the nuance or flavor of a single musical note. Audiophiles usually enjoy listening to music for several hours per day, and can be seen wearing headphones while washing dishes, mowing the lawn, jogging, or anywhere they can!

Now Hear This® is dedicated to providing the highest quality In-Ear-Monitors to discriminating audiophiles. We offer some of the most unique custom-molded In-Ear-Monitors available anywhere. From Ultimate Ears to Westone, to specially imported German-engineered In-Ear-Monitors, we pride ourselves on our skill and knowledge.

What’s the Benefit of In-Ear Headphones?

In-ear headphones completely seal the ear canal, creating 25 decibels of reduction of the noise around you. 25 decibels makes everything around you sound more than 4 times softer, and can muffle distracting noises that interfere with your listening experience. Reducing the noise around you means you can listen to your music at softer levels (if desired!) thereby protecting your hearing and letting you listen for longer. It also means the background noise present in your listening environement won’t cover up the small subtleties of the song. With In-Ear headphones, you will hear details in songs that you never heard before.

Great for:
  1. Airplanes
  2. Buses or Trains
  3. At-Home Listening
  4. Working or Studying at Coffee Shop

Why should I go to Now Hear This® for audiophile quality In-Ear-Monitors?

We believe for two reasons:
  1. The ear impression that is used to make the in-ear headphone is the most critical part of the process. The sound quality, sound isolation, and comfort for long hours of wearing all depend on the impression material and technique. Now Hear This® knows exactly how to take the perfect impression, with the right material, and hand-sculpts it for the most comfortable fit. We also take into consideration the way that your jaw movement changes the shape of your ear canal, and how in-ear-monitors need to be specially made for singers vs. a guitarist or saxophone players.
  2. We use only the highest quality in-ear-monitors, including Westone, Ultimate Ears, and even German-engineered custom in-ear-monitors that are not currently available anywhere else in the USA.