Products For Musicians

Musicians have unique needs when it comes to listening to and playing music. Musicians like to hear their music with clarity and definition of the bass, middle, and treble ranges, and need to hear other musicians clearly while they are on stage. Standard squishy foam earplugs obtainable from any pharmacy are great for hearing protection, but muffle the treble range, distorting the quality of music. Stock-fit musician’s earplugs, such as the etymotic ETY plugs are better than foam, but don’t fit all ears, and only come in one level of decibel reduction, i.e. 20dB. What if they don’t fit your ears well, aren’t comfortable, or you want more choice in how much reduction you use?

Here’s the answer: Now Hear This® offers the highest quality musician’s earplugs and In-Ear-Monitors available anywhere.

Musician’s Earplugs: These are specialized earplugs that reduce the overall volume of music, without taking away the clarity of the mid and treble range. These use a special filter to allow all the nuances of music to enter the ear, but just at a safer volume. Choose 9, 15, or 25 dB filters to customize how much protection you want.  We can advise you on which filter is best, based on your instrument or your listening and playing environment. Also, these specialized musician’s earplugs are custom-molded for your ears, meaning there is much greater comfort over standard earplugs after hours of use.

In-Ear Monitors: From Ultimate Ears to Westone, to specially imported German-engineered or British In-Ear-Monitors, we pride ourselves on our skill and knowledge.

Two reasons to come to Now Hear This® for musician’s earplugs and In-Ear-Monitors:

1. The ear impression that is used to make the musician’s earplug or in-ear-monitor is the most critical part of the process. The sound quality, sound isolation, and comfort for long hours of wearing all depend on the impression material and technique. Now Hear This® knows exactly how to take the perfect impression, with the right material, and hand sculpt it for the most comfortable fit.

2. Seeing an audiologist for these products gives you an opportunity to have your hearing checked.  You can speak with our Dr. of Audiology about where your hearing is now, and how to keep it healthy so you can play, mix, and master long into your later years.