See Us Today, Hear Better Tomorrow

Now Hear This® is dedicated to providing our community of patients with professional, life-changing hearing health care. By utilizing state-of-the-art technologies like AccuFit® and serving patients even if they bough aids from other providers, we are able to better peoples’ lives through improved hearing. We also serve patients with:

The Now Hear This® Method

At our practice, we are dedicated to offering modern hearing solutions customized to our patients. Explore our services and resources and find out how we can help you start hearing better.

Online Hearing Test

Take our quick online hearing test to see if you may need assistance with your hearing capabilities.

Tinnitus Relief

Learn more about what tinnitus is and how Now Hear This® can help you find relief from the symptoms.

Refitting Hearing Aids

Find out how we use our AccuFit® system to refit old hearing aids and make them last for many more years.