Tinnitus Treatment Raleigh

Do you know some 50 million Americans hear ringing or buzzing in their ears, even when there is no sound around them? This is called Tinnitus. Can you imagine being in a quiet place or lying in bed at night and hearing a constant hissing or “tinny” sound? It is a nuisance and a real worry for so many people. Tinnitus is more prevalent in older individuals and tends to affect more women than men. It has the potential to affect quality of life, as many people experiencing tinnitus also suffer from fatigue, stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, memory problems and other related conditions.

Tinnitus may be a sign of hearing damage, an adverse side effect of medication, or in rare cases, a potentially serious medical issue. This is why it is imperative to get it checked out by a clinical audiologist to determine the cause and prescribe a treatment plan if warranted. In most cases, there are several methods to help manage and reduce the irritating noise.

There are many treatments for tinnitus, of varying quality and efficacy. Recent studies indicate that sound-based therapies, audiological counseling, and psychological therapies, particularly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), are the most evidence- based treatments. There are many new and investigative therapies that are being proposed and researched.  At Now Hear This® we strive to provide accurate and informative information for all our patients. Below we have additional information regarding the treatments of tinnitus:

Providing In-Depth Tinnitus Evaluations in Raleigh

Because tinnitus is not necessarily a condition itself, but often a symptom of something else, including hearing loss, hearing aids and other technologies are sometimes used to provide a significant reduction in ringing and buzzing sensations. Customized hearing aids from Raleigh hearing clinic Now Hear This® are one effective option.

Click on this video to watch and hear patient, Ed Weems, talk about his tinnitus and treatment: what it is, the different methods used to treat it, what causes it — and the treatment he received from specialists at Now Hear This® and other healthcare providers in the Triangle.

This common condition is not necessarily harmful, but it is troublesome and may be an indicator of serious health issues. Patients dealing with tinnitus in Raleigh can turn to Now Hear This® for easy, effective management with the help of Dr. Fisher, our audiologist who has developed a range of tinnitus treatment programs and options.

Don’t Suffer from Uncontrolled Ringing in the Ear Any Longer — Contact Now Hear This®

When you visit our audiologist, Dr. Fisher, for a tinnitus evaluation in Raleigh, there is a high probability that he can reduce the ringing sensation in a variety of ways. It may be that we can simply reprogram your current hearing aids or prescribe a new set of hearing aids custom fit to your hearing preferences. Contact Now Hear This® today by calling 919-256-2898 for effective tinnitus management solutions in Raleigh!