Different Tinnitus Treatments That Have Research Showing Effectiveness

Have you ever wondered if there are any tinnitus treatments that have been proven to work? We are happy to announce that there are a few treatments that have the clinical research to back them up. If you are experiencing tinnitus problems in Raleigh, NC, turn to Now Hear This®. One of our audiologists may recommend one of the following effective treatments below.

Audiological Sound Therapy

Tinnitus partly arises due to a lack of sound in the auditory system. For people with hearing loss, using hearing aids to “fill in the void” of sound that they are missing can be very helpful. Not only does the tinnitus become less noticeable, but the person can hear better, which has many important medical and psychological benefits. Often, this is all that’s needed, in combination with some expert audiological counseling specifically focused on tinnitus. For the small fraction of people with more severe hearing loss, other types of hearing devices may serve the same function. The primary example of this is the cochlear implant, which is used for people who are severely or profoundly hard of hearing.

Some people may also benefit from a “masker” which is another form of audiological sound therapy. A masker is a sound that will “cover up” the tinnitus with another sound. This could be as simple as turning on a fan or a white noise machine at night when falling asleep. For those with hearing loss, amplification of the hearing loss and a masker can be provided in the same ear-worn device. Again, audiological counseling will help you find the right solution.

Audiological Counseling

Tinnitus can often be a mystifying phenomenon to the person who has it, causing confusion and even fear. The sheer amount of information available about tinnitus can also be overwhelming. Not to mention, much of it may be unreliable or incorrect, or doesn’t apply to your situation.

Our Raleigh audiologists are tinnitus experts, and they know more about the condition than any other type of practitioner. An expert audiological history and diagnostic testing is critical for understanding tinnitus and the auditory system that is generating it. Oftentimes, the cause can be identified, giving a diagnosis, and an answer as to what caused the tinnitus.

A Doctor of Audiology utilizes this and other knowledge to deliver expert audiological counseling to you. Such counseling consists of an audiologist “demystifying” the tinnitus, explaining its origins and deciding if there is a solution. The audiologist can help the patient develop strategies for dealing with their tinnitus. Audiological counseling has been shown to help patients become more at peace with their tinnitus, thereby reducing their awareness of it, and the impact it has on their daily lives.

Medical Treatments

Tinnitus can sometimes signal an underlying medical condition, including brain tumors and other brain pathologies. Hypothyroidism has also been connected to tinnitus symptoms. Managing any underlying medical conditions is critical, and doing so may reduce the tinnitus or completely eliminate it, depending on the underlying cause.

Anxiety, sleeplessness, depression and obsessive-compulsive behavior are positively correlated with tinnitus severity. Managing these conditions with medication or counseling may have a beneficial effect on the tinnitus by reducing some negative feelings around it or using other methods to improve the patient’s overall mood.

Whether it means getting the proper medication dosage for hypothyroidism, or perhaps discontinuing a medication that is causing tinnitus, such as aspirin, adjusting the medication may help reduce your audiological issue.

People with severe ringing and vertigo sometimes have a “neurectomy,” or cutting of the auditory and balance nerve. It should be noted that this is successful only in a small percentage of cases, and it is not an appropriate solution for the vast majority of people.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

There is a lot of evidence that one of the major problems with tinnitus is not the sound itself, but how we react to it. Misunderstanding the nature of tinnitus, reacting to it in a very negative way or paying undue attention to it can cause more distress. Dealing with the way we think about and react to tinnitus has been shown to help significantly. Providing education, counseling and healthy coping mechanisms can greatly reduce the impact of tinnitus. For this, an audiologist working with a licensed therapist or counselor is the best choice.

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