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Watch this interview of Dr. Griffin by Marti Skold of News14'Carolinas. She has a great question about AccuFit™ and how it helps improve hearing!

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Hear What Moira Has to Say

“My hearing aids have zero feedback, and I have clear, normal hearing. The difference is night and day.”

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Hear What Pamela Has to Say

“I now sincerely believe that I can live a happy and productive life with the help of properly adjusted hearing aids.”

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Hear What Kathy Has to Say

“I had given up on anyone making my old aids work better, but Dr. Griffin did it. He did it so well that I decided to buy modern ones so that I could hear even better.”

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Hear What Millie Has to Say

“The first time I wore my new behind the ear hearing aids to church, I was wondering whose magnificent voice I was hearing singing. I turned around and realized…it was my husband.”

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Three Things to Consider

When Choosing a Hearing Healthcare Provider

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Raleigh, NC Audiologists & Hearing Aids

Now Hear This® is a specialized audiology clinic delivering the absolute best in hearing, hearing aids and hearing healthcare. We can make that promise because we are the only clinic in America using a new FDA-cleared medical device as part of our exclusive AccuFit® technology. AccuFit® allows us to guarantee that we will make your hearing aids work better even if you bought them somewhere else. Our mission and our vision is to help you and every patient hear their very best.  A number of our patients now refer to their aids as their own “hearing bionics” because they work so well!

Our Raleigh, NC audiologists offer a variety of hearing services in addition to hearing aids, including:

  • Hearing evaluations
  • Hearing aid prescriptions and fitting
  • Hearing aid adjustments and reprogramming
  • Custom hearing protection
  • Products for musicians

When you come to Now Hear This®, you’ll receive comprehensive hearing care only from a true licensed audiologist who will ensure you have the best hearing aids in Raleigh for your lifestyle and needs. Our audiology team is so confident in our AccuFit® that we even offer a money-back guarantee if we can’t make you more satisfied with your hearing aids!

Come to Now Hear This®: Raleigh’s Preferred Hearing Clinic

At Now Hear This®, we know that the quality of the hearing aids is only part of the story.  We remove the risk of your being unhappy with your hearing instruments and reduce the risk of more serious medical complications, by adjusting and fitting them with our AccuFit®. Don’t miss out on conversations, meetings, or the subtle sounds of everyday life — say goodbye to loud noises and hearing loss, with help from the experienced Raleigh audiologists at Now Hear This®. Schedule an appointment today.

Our clinic on Creedmoor Road is easy to find, has great parking, and is conveniently located to serve patients from Raleigh, Durham and the entire Triangle area. Our audiologists are proud to provide Raleigh hearing aids and hearing services for patients of all ages and stages of life — contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment!

Some of Our Patients

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