Hearing Aids for Raleigh, NC Patients

Quantum Pro_Micro BTE_OpalAt Now Hear This, we’re proud to offer world-class Phonak hearing aids, Unitron hearing aids, Widex hearing aids, Oticon hearing aids, Resound hearing aids, Starkey hearing aids, and Siemens hearing aids.  With their state-of-the-art technology and our AccuFit® system, we improve quality of life for our patients. We program and fit these innovative devices for a range of needs, from water and sweat-resistant hearing aids to hearing better in crowded restaurants, more comfortable TV viewing and telephone usage and more.

Don’t let hearing loss hold you back — visit us today and hear better tomorrow!  Schedule an appointment with our Raleigh, NC audiologists to receive an expert hearing aid fitting and to learn more about the full range of modern digital hearing aids.

While virtually all these manufacturers have similar styles and function, here are some of the styles and models of Phonak hearing aids:

  • Phonak Audéo Q – Available in three different discreet models that virtually disappear behind the ear.

  • Phonak Bolero Q – Available in a range of styles, including a dust and water-resistant model that’s perfect for active patients.

  • Phonak Virto Q – Ranging in size from small to virtually invisible, Phonak’s Virto Q hearing aids are individually crafted for a custom fit.

  • Phonak Naída Q – Designed for patients with significant hearing loss, Phonak’s Naída Q models can improve hearing in even the toughest listening environments.

Raleigh’s Best Hearing Aid Solutions

For caring, professional hearing services, custom fittings and the most innovative hearing aids available, visit Raleigh’s audiology experts at Now Hear This! We’re proud to offer premium hearing aids, including water-resistant options from all major manufacturers.

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