Bluetooth Technology and Hearing Devices

People in today’s society need to hear well on the phone… and on Zoom… and when listening to a podcast on a walk! According to Glick, H. A., & Sharma, A. (2020), hearing aids not only help people hear all the sounds of life, but also assist with keeping our brain active for improved cognitive benefit. The solution- hearing aids that are Bluetooth compatible!

Bluetooth Compatible Hearing Aids

Now Hear This® only works with the best hearing aid manufacturers worldwide, which means all our devices can have Bluetooth capability. This allows all our hearing aid users to receive the benefit of speech clarity from Real Ear Measures AND the ability to hear and connect with others virtually. Today’s Bluetooth allows hearing aid users to live their life just like anyone else- engaging in work calls, chatting on Zoom with relatives all over the world, and staying up to date on their favorite music or news while they walk or exercise

Premier Hearing Aid Service

Why should it be any different? It should not! Our goal at Now Hear This® is to always provide the very best for our patients and their listening needs. Our commitment to using advanced programming tools, in addition to patient centered care, is why we are known in the Triangle for our premier hearing aid services and why we have maintained a five-star rating in Google and other major social media.

Interested in learning more about Bluetooth technology? Schedule an appointment at our clinic by calling 919 256 2898.

For those interested in the article quoted, learn more by reading:Glick, H. A., & Sharma, A. (2020). Cortical Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Function in Early-Stage, Mild-Moderate Hearing Loss: Evidence of Neurocognitive Benefit From Hearing Aid Use. Frontiers in neuroscience, 14, 93.

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