10 Things We LOVE About NHT


In honor of our 10-year business anniversary, I asked each NHT team member to submit 10 things they love about NHT.

I got great feedback from the team and then had the difficult task to pick a final 10 from the 40 submitted.

It was very gratifying to read all the input from each team member as we all listed similar things, but just worded in a different way. That just goes to show that right now, at this very moment, we are truly AT OUR BEST. We have the same focus, goals, and priorities. We click as a team and are constantly moving forward and upward. We desire to invest in the best and we strive to be number one with all our patients. 

We thank you for your business and the beautiful opportunity to serve you. It means more to us than you will ever know.

                                                                                                Dawn M. Geda, Practice Manager


  1. Getting to know each patient, all amazing with their own unique individual needs.
  2. The ability our small practice has to accommodate our diverse group of patients: 3500 and counting!
  3. The opportunities we have each day to teach our community about the importance of good hearing and how it can positively affect our brain health.
  4. Having access to the best products, technology, and programming software which enables our patients to connect with their world and the people they love every single day through great hearing.
  5. Being blessed with jobs that we enjoy coming to every day and take great pride in.
  6. Our owner, Bob Keefer: his generous and innovative way with both the patients and team.
  7. Dr. Egan: having a stellar audiologist on our team who all of us want to follow and learn from.  She is just that great!
  8. Dawn: we love her wonderful mentorship and leadership.
  9. Nathalie: we love her dependability and her desire to always want to learn more. There is nothing she can’t do.
  10. Being recognized and voted by our patients and community as the best audiology practice in the Triangle area 2021.
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